Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Bucket List~ Part Two

Last week:

Rea took a cooking class at a local grocery store and it encouraged the kiddos to incorporate healthy eating in their every day lives. Some days she loved it all, some days she wasn't a fan but it gave her some confidence in the kitchen.  They had fun with two themed days- farming and Super Hero.  We'll definitely do this again if they offer it.

Despicable Me 3!

This has been on Rea's must-watch list for awhile and we finally made the timing work with her bestie. Such a cute movie, the girls loved it!

Before the movie...

Another anticipated movie...

Saturday morning farmer's market!

We got up before the rooster crowed so we could beat the heat and the crowds. Andy loved the nitro coffee, and we scored some of our favorite black olive bread, blackberry wine and I splurged on a delicious pie from the orchard. We left just before Rea could say, "My feet hurt."  LOL!

Unicorn balloon animal...

She loves strawberry smoothies!

Adventure Bay!

We headed to the waterpark on Sunday due to the beautiful forecast... lots of fun soaking up the sun, splashing in the wave pool and doing the slides.

Golf camp!

We are almost done with golf camp and despite the heat, Rea has improved with her swing... not sure we'll do it again but at least she can say she tried something new.  Mini golf fun to end out the camp tonight!

Our summer bucket list is shrinking...we've had such fun times this summer and am so thankful for these beautiful summer days.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dream those big dreams...

Reagan had told us a few weeks before her dance recital that she wanted to try out for dance competition.

This upcoming school year was the first year she would be eligible.  She had a couple friends trying out and I knew it interested her. We talked about the commitment and she wanted to give it a go-  well we found out last week that she made the dance competition team!  She was very excited to hear the news!

So this venture entails an additional dance class, for a total of 3 starting in the fall.  Then next spring we'll start traveling and she'll be performing. She loves being on stage so I think this will be a good forum for her.  We'll see where the dance year takes her!

She picked a Menchies night to go celebrate!

'Reagan, we are so proud of you baby girl! You tried out and gave it your all.  That's all we can ask; that you have fun and do your best.  We love you!'

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Days...

We are in full blown summer mode and it's been fun!  HOT and busy but fun!

Tadpole golf despite the heat- this week they learned to put and thank goodness the putting green was in the shade. They also cooled off with a water balloon toss contest.

Day trip to Pella... we had to check out the bakery, meat locker, windmill and town square. Loved exploring!

Swim parties with friends!

Neighborhood block party!

Face painting, game truck, bounce house, cupcakes, ice cream, pizza and the best part- hanging with family and friends.

Impromptu slime party and meeting new friends!

We are loving summer!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Girl Scout Fun!

Reagan celebrated her last year of being a Daisy with a party at Pump it Up!

The girls had so much fun jumping, eating pizza and ice cream and earning their badges!

This will be her last year of being a Daisy and in September, she'll transition to a Brownie.

She's learned a lot about community impact, made new friendships, and shared many laughs during her years as a Daisy.

She did it!

All the girls received the "Be Younique" Girl Scout mascot, the Lama...

Her final badges...

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Theater camp!

Reagan wanted to try out the big stage so we signed her up for theater camp with her friends.

They learned how to do an audition, prepare a reading, do choreography, sing and perform new songs and what it's like to be back stage. She had so much fun!

The kiddos showcased their talents at the end of camp and we loved seeing her shine on stage!

That's a wrap!